Director Nancy Monson: Give Your Children a Quality Foundation for a Life of Quality

Sir Ken Robinson: A New Paradigm of Education

Real life learning for grades K-8

What do you feel is most important for your child?

Most people don’t put academics at the top of their list. It’s usually self-esteem or confidence. And yet, parents worry more about their child’s academic standing than these internal qualities. There is a constant anxiety that their child “won’t be prepared.” But what does being prepared really mean? Yes, you want your child to develop the skills to achieve any goal they set their heart on, but does that only include academic skills? What about kindness, presence, creativity, love of work, conscience, responsibility, living in a community, understanding the foundation for lifelong health? When nurturing a child’s inner, feeling life goes hand in hand with learning about the world; when as much value is put on a child’s being as on what they can accomplish; when we educate the whole person – only then does education bring forth the fruit of the seed that lies within every child. This is what we do at Running River School, a completely unique Boulder school.

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